Adolescents & Cyber Abuse

Adolescents & Cyber Abuse

Main outcome: The primary objective of this course is to learn the dynamics of a group, and gain insight into Group Counseling Practices. As such, you will be presenting as a group, your groups’ Group.

            Based off your own interests and the interest of those in your group, you will all decide on a topic/ idea for formulating a group. This group will be hypothetical, but you will be required to complete, in written, and verbal or visual form, all of the steps, stages, and components to Group. The presentation of this, in person, will be your final Project. Grade Total: 100 points for presentation/ 150 for entire final project.

            Reflect on and include components from Chapter 8 & 10; be sure you reflect on all stages of the group and include all components from your Proposal Assignment (20 pts).

            As a group you may be creative on how you would like this look (some examples: run a mock group counseling session; complete a presentation including visuals; present/ dictate a final paper).

            Some additional items to note and include:

  • Provide context for your topic (Adolescents & Cyber Abuse); you must provide legitimate, scholarly sources (3 minimum not counting the textbook) (30pts)
  • Describe where the issue is now or the outcome it had (10 pts)
  • Develop/ Include your own solution / management strategy/ action plan to the problem (20pts)
  • Each person must have a specific role and contribute to the project. Each member is expected to provide whatever research is found to each group member. Individual Participation & observable collaboration (20 pts).
  • Complete your individual assignment for grading (50pts).

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