advocacy letter

advocacy letter

Research your home state and local legislators and learn about their voting records for arts-based initiatives. Using the readings and other online resources, draft and advocacy letter to your representatives advocating for a legislative issue that is most important to you.
Your letter needs to advocate for one of the legislativeissues found on the American’s for the Arts Website. Your letter should include facts and figures to support your case. Additionally, your letter should include a personal connection and story about why you are advocating for your cause. For assistance and template letters to use as examples, visit the advocacytoolkit on the American’s for the Arts Website.
Your letter should be 1 page in length and be appropriately addressed and formatted. Research the appropriate way to format a letter.
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RE: Support for Every Student Succeeds Act

Arts education is an important part of contemporary society and passesa significant message to learners based on amount of support provided to the arts students. Federal andstate governments’ involvement in arts increases the attention provided to the course,

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