Alcohol syndrome

Alcohol syndrome

Oral Embryology/ Histology Project Description Oral Embryology/ Histology involves the study of how head and neck tissues and structures develop. Upon completion of this report, the student should be well versed and be knowledgeable of the specific topic presented. This is a digital presentation. Discuss a topic that involves developmental disorders. It could be caused by genetic or environmental disturbances. Examples could be amelogenesis imperfecta, dentinogenesis imperfecta, ectodermal dysplasia, cleft lip/palate, lingual thyroid, developmental cysts, or developmental abnormalities of the teeth such as gemination, fusion, dens in dente, etc. The report must include a description of the developmental disorder (including histology), what occurred (or did not occur) during development and possible reasons why (etiology) and treatment and prognosis.

Digital presentation

• Examples could include a video, slides, PowerPoint with voiceover, Prezi, etc.

Clearly and thoroughly showcase the developmental disorder through text, video and/ or audio. Student can choose media with instructor’s permission.

• Must have introduction, body and conclusion

• Description of disorder • Etiology

• Treatment and Prognosis

• 5-10 high quality images

• Media must be available to instructor as an attachment or link, submitted in Canvas

• Length should be at least 10 minutes for a video presentation, or at least 10 slides for a slide presentation.

• Slides with accurate APA in-text citations for both text and images

• Reference slide with at least 3 credible references in APA format

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