Assessment and Interventions in Mental Health

 Assessment and Interventions in Mental Health

Module 7: Developmental Type Disorders

In this module, we will be learning about Developmental Type Disorders. This includes Neuro- Developmental disorders and disorders of childhood. 

In this Module you will be expected to: 

-Read DSM pages 31 – 86. *Refer to Textbook and Materials

-Complete a Case Study on one of the disorders presented. This will be presented in the discussion forum. Please read the prompt carefully and completely. (Please do NOT copy and paste from your discussion post in Module 3 if you used a developmental disorder. However, you MAY use the same concept or disorder). 

-Watch the following videos (links below) featuring some of the pioneers in research and advocacy for “neurodiversities.” 

Complete a reflection piece on what what nuerodiversity actually means (you must provide and cite external sources). Then, share any experiences you may have with neurodiversities, indirectly or directly. (This second portion can be done in first person, and does not require a source). Finally, answer the question: Based on the videos presented, the research you discovered during this activity, and any personal knowledge you may have, where do you think the idea of neurodiversity is headed? Where was this term ten years ago? *This assignment should be written in Paper format and submitted to me via drop box. Please use Turn it in and be sure it is written in APA 7th edition formatting. 



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