You watch the movie, THEN you fill out the concept map, YOU only need 1 nursing Diagnosis! PLEASE do not overcrowd the paper with WORDs 

the mental status exam form is for you to check off with you see in the movie then put a what is important on the concept MAP. The Character Theodore Finch is diagnosis with Bipolar disorder, If see or they mention in the movie his medication please fill out the medication concept MAP that attach. If not please do this medication “Lithium”. I will be watching the movies as well.

So, After completing the 1.  Concept Map about the movie “All the Bright Places.” 2. second is Active learning temple Medication, 3rd is 1 page or 2 paragraph Reflection on what you learn from the movie about his Bipolar disorder, I know that he died in the movies but you will see that. 

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APA format, 344 words

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