Batterer Intervention Programs

Batterer Intervention Programs

Review the overview of batterer intervention programs discussed in the Healey, Smith and O’Sullivan article (focus on pages 83-127).

Of the programs discussed, choose the one that you think is most effective and conduct additional research on that program. Your initial post should provide a supported discussion of what program you think is most effective. Incorporate aspects from the additional research you conducted. What do you think is the greatest risk or limitation of the program? Consider the TED Talk by Dr. Jackson Katz discussed in the lecture material. How can his main ideas be incorporated in to batterer intervention? Click here for the link:

Your response post should be to a student who chose a different program than you. Compare and contrast your answers. How can the limitations or risks can be minimized?

Part 2

Cultural Differences and Law Enforcement

In a two paragraph response, complete the discussion question(s) as directed. Additionally, respond to another student who may have a different viewpoint or idea than you. Compare and contrast your answers.

  • Scenario: You are dispatched to a domestic assault at a residence involving a male (suspect) and a female (victim). You determine there to be probable cause to arrest the suspect and transport him to jail. Both parties appear to be of Middle Eastern descent. During the arrest process, you observe the suspect to be wearing a Turban. He politely asks you to not remove it from his head. (Your department policy is to thoroughly search each arrested person who is placed in your squad, and who is entering your local jail).
    • Considering your reading assignment for this module, as well as the online lecture, how would you handle this situation? How would you communicate with this person? Would you depart from your department’s policy in any way?…
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The EMERGE program would be the most suitable for the different options under the conditions. Its emphasis on empathy and respect for the victim would have lasting consequences on the rehabilitation of the batterer and consequent improvement…
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