Bible Old Testament 15 questions.

Bible Old Testament 15 questions.

APA format, 2 references with in text citations. 1200 words total so about 80 words per question.

1. What were Solomon’s strengths and weaknesses as a king?

2. What factors contributed to the negative reaction of the northern tribes to Rehoboam?

3. Why did the worship of Baal appeal to the Israelites so strongly?

4. Why did Ahab handle Elijah differently from the way Jezebel dealt with him?

5. How are the portrayals of Elijah and Elisha alike, and how do they differ?

6. What happened to bring an end to the hostilities between Israel and Judah?

7. Who was Athaliah? Why is she a significant figure in Israel’s story?

8. How did Judah manage to survive the Assyrian invasions that destroyed Israel and Syria in the later eighth century (745-721 B.C.E.)?

9. How did Hezekiah prepare for a possible invasion by the Assyrians during Sennacherib’s reign?

10. What possible physical evidence has been found to confirm Hezekiah’s reform?

11. What does Lamentations tell us about conditions in Jerusalem during the Babylonian siege?

12. What were the three major groups of Israelites that formed in the wake of the Babylonian destruction, and how were they related to each other?

13. How did Cyrus’ conquest of the Babylonians affect the Jews in exile?

14. Assess the relative significance of Ezra and Nehemiah to the Jerusalem community.

15. How did Ezra and Nehemiah address the issue of foreign wives? Why?




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King Solomon’s strengths were his wisdom that allowed him to rule over his people without bias. His skills in management and architecture allowed Israel to grow into a prosperous nation. His diplomatic skills made him go into treaties that maintained peace in Israel. His weaknesses were his appetite for worldly pleasures that blinded him from serving God. He allowed lust to cloud his decisions thus disobeying God when he decided to marry non-Jewish wives and concubines.

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