Building Construction PPT

Building Construction PPT

Create a 10- to 12-slide PowerPoint presentation on building construction.

Using your own jurisdiction (community), identify buildings for three of the five types of construction. Provide a picture and the following information for each type of construction:

· What type of building construction was used?

· What, if any, fire resistive materials were used?

· What value, if any, do the materials provide to occupants and firefighters?

· As a firefighter, what concerns do you have about this particular building?

In addition to the three buildings above, provide a picture for a fourth building:

· This should be the safest building, in your opinion, with regards to occupant and firefighter safety.

· Explain the use and value of fire resistant materials used in the construction process of the building.

· How would you justify/encourage the use of these materials in future construction?

If you do not have these building construction types or occupancies in your area, an Internet search is acceptable. You may also use the information in your textbook. Your presentation should include at least one reference and citations to support your discussion. You are expected to provide notes in the notes section to define the types and occupancies. Be sure to cite any sources used in a reference slide using proper APA formatting. The title and reference slides do not count towards the slide-count requirement.

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