Business Communication- Empathy

Business Communication- Empathy

What purpose does empathy play in relating to business communications’ audiences?
What is the difference between sympathy and empathy? Why is being empathetic a preferable concept to master in business communication?
Cognitive empathy is the ability to understand your audience’s feelings. How might you use this skill to improve your business communication?
Why might empathy be one of the most important business communication skills to develop?
How might practicing business communication empathy require developing a sense of imagination and motive recognition?



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Business Communication-Empathy
The purpose of empathy in relation to business communicationaudiences primarily involves the ability to understand the audience’s emotions and engage in the communication from such a perspective. In particular, one can only perceive communication to becomplete if the receiver of the message understands it as the sender intended him or her to understand it (Lunenburg, 2010).

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