Can the government avoid arbitration

Can the government avoid arbitration

Can the government avoid arbitration when it agreed previously on the arbitration clause in government contracts?

I want to have answer for the question based on the case attached here. Also, I want to follow the sample attached here too. I need explanation how the government cannot avoid arbitration when it agreed in the government contracts. The sequence of the paper must follow the sample attached here. The paper also should have more citations to other important cases and secondary sources or authority. The bluebook citation must be presented in perfect form. Cases, treatises, statutes, periodicals, and encyclopedia are required to be included in the paper. West law or Lexis can be used to implement the paper.

The professor wants the paper to follow the sample one. So there is introduction, background, arguments, and conclusion.

I attached powerpoint explains how the paper should be.

Thank you!

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This is a process where justice is administered where two parties are involved in a conflict over awarding of a government contract. The arising cases are taken to the Supreme Court for them to be sorted out…
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