Case Analysis

Case Analysis

Review the Learning Resources on the Secondary Traumatic Stress Scale, SUD Scale, and Self-Compassion Scale. Complete these scales from the perspective of the social worker in your identified case.

Analyze the case you have chosen, considering the risk and protective factors, the categorization of what the social worker is experiencing (e.g., vicarious trauma, burnout, etc.), and the responses on each of the three scales.

Submit a 2- to 3-page paper in which you:

Briefly describe the case you have chosen.
Categorize the social worker’s experience as vicarious trauma, compassion fatigue, or burnout. Provide justification.
Identify the social worker’s score on each of the three scales and provide justification for your assessment.
Describe risk and protective factors involved in the case.

Neff, K. (n.d.). Instruments for researchers Links to an external site..
Note: On this site, select the Self-Compassion Scale.

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