Character Analysis

Character Analysis

English 358, Fall 2019
Essay No. 2
Partial Rough Draft:
• At least 500 words (2 double-spaced pages) and no more than 750 words (3 double-spaced pages)

Final Draft:

(see instructions below)
• 1400 words/ 5.5 pages(MINIMUM; no maximum)
• Typed, double-spaced
• 11-12 point font

YOU MAY NOT USE OUTSIDE SOURCES FOR THIS ESSAY. If you do, Turn It In will identify them.

Assignment: Character Analysis

Choose ONE of the following characters:
From Angels: Roy or Harper
FromPiece: Steele or Martha
FromDeath of a Salesman: Happy or Linda

Write a character analysis essay that includes the following points from Hay’s model for studying character:
1) A detailed physical description based upon what we concretely know from the texts or what we can reasonably assume. Your description should be supported by the reasons for your choices.
2) What you think motivates the character and why; e.g., what are his/her motives and goals? What does she or he want? Why
3) Things the character says that are vital to your understanding of him/her, particularly in reference to motives and goals.
4) Things other characters say about your character that also support your understanding of him/her. (Keep in mind that the objectivity of what a character says about him/her self or what other characters say must be evaluated).
5) The actions of your character that are also vital to your understanding.
6) End by choosing a modern film (not TV) actor to play your character and explain or justify your choice.

Your essay should NOT take the form of a list, but the form of an essay with attention given to effective transitions within and between paragraphs, language choice, style and grammar. Any essay that is not well-written will be graded down.

Include within the text the page numbers, in parentheses, for any quotes that you use. At the end, include a citation for the play you quoted from and Hay’s essays (if you quote from them).

Evaluation: Please see the evaluation rubric on the back of this assignment. Late essays will be marked down 1 grade for each 24-hour period. that they are late, i.e., A to B, etc. That penalty will be activated after noon on the 2nd; all submissions are time-stamped. Try to submit in advance of that time so that you can contact me if you are having a problem. If you do not submit a paper, you will not pass the course.

Using Turn It In:
Log into Blackboard using either Mozilla or Google Chrome. (Other servers sometimes do not interface well with our version of Blackboard.) Go to our course page. Under content, you should find the character analysis assignment link. (Blue Box with Red Arrow and, beneath it, a blue link that says View Assignment. Click on it and it will take you to a page where you can submit your essay under your name.
When the submission page for the final draft opens, you may submit a draft that will allow you to see your plagiarism and error reports. You can then revise, if necessary, and resubmit for credit.

Character paper rubric
50 Total points.
Grading scale:
45-50 A range
40-44 B range
35-39 C range
30-36 D range
29 and below F

1. The essay addresses all requirements of the prompt, including the five points of Hay’s model and the casting choice. (5 points)

2. The motives and goals for the character are fresh and original. (5 points)

3. Information for supporting the writer’s arguments is well-selected and specific. The information is well-analyzed. (10 points)

4. The paper develops logically. It had a clear beginning and end, and transitions within and between paragraphs are effective. (10 points)

5. Quotes are neither over-used nor underused. They are incorporated correctly into the body of the paper, and clearly support the point being made. (5 points)

6. The writing is fluent, with well-constructed sentences, good word choice, and attention to English idiom. (10 points)

7. There are few to no errors in spelling, punctuation and grammar. (5 points)




Solution Preview


                                                Character Analysis: ‘Angels in America’

TonyKushner’s two-part play with the title‘Angels in America’focuses on the theme of homosexuality and its spread as well as the AIDS crises in also focuses on the social and religious issues affecting the American people.  Kushner has used eight main characters in this play, and each act has played either one or several roles. Roy Cohn is one of the major characters of the play.

(1,495 words)

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