Child Welfare

Child Welfare

Unit Exercises – Blog, Vlog or Canva

You will create a Blog, Vlog or Canva following the steps laid out in the Canvas assignment which demonstrates your understanding of the modules in this unit through textual analysis. You will be evaluated on your ability to synthesize your learning across different modules. Ask yourself how do the concepts learned in this module relate to the material covered in other modules covered in this unit? In previous modules/units? Most Important – Have fun and be creative when working on this project. It is here to allow you to demonstrate alternative forms of knowledge beyond a test type evaluation.

Soc 459 Child Welfare

Understanding The Interplay Of Social Issues In Child Welfare
Week 5
Definitions of Domestic Violence and Intimate Partner Violence

 Week 6 – Substance Use/Abuse Issues Impacting Child Welfare,increased%20more%20than%20131%20percent.

Week 7 Community Violence , Gang Prevention and Intervention

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