Childcare class

Childcare class

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You are excited to incorporate what you learned about reflective practice from a recent workshop into in your own program.

To begin, choose a professional practice of an educator. (Example: arranging a learning environment or communication strategies).

Then, identify an opportunity for improvement within the professional practice. To address this area of improvement, you will create an action plan.

The action plan should contain the following:

  • A description of the professional practice you have chosen
  • Why you have chosen this particular practice/milestone, and the relevance it has to you or your program
  • What you will do to improve in this area (This is the action part of your plan!)
  • How you will be able to measure whether or not your plan was effective




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Communication Strategy as a professional practice
Communication is essential in childcare since it is when the learner is just learning how to communicate using verbal and nonverbal skills. Effective communication helps students to be able to learn according to their specific needs, and they need an accommodative environment to feel that they are understood and their questions and worries tackled through effective communication with their educators.

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