Comparing Women in Roman Mythology to the Women in Greek Mythology

Comparing Women in Roman Mythology to the Women in Greek Mythology

Read the story of Lucretia (in Livy, The Early History of Rome, sections 57-59 (it is attached to this assignment) and write a one-page essay on the following topic:

How is the story of Lucretia characteristic of Roman mythology?

Greek women (like Greek men) tend to be individualistic and rebellious; they are intellectual and dangerous, standing in opposition to social customs and the order of the world as they find it.

There are a variety of ways in which Roman and Greek mythology differed from one another.Several of these aspects are reflected in the Lucretia episode.You may wish to consider the political and social values of the men, their belief in the role of duty in life, their attitudes about morality, and especially Roman attitudes towards the role of women.

Please accept this assignment only if you have prior knowledge of/are in possession of excerpts from Ovid’s Metamorphoses (preferably translated by Rolfe Humphries) and Homer’s Iliad (up until the point of Hector’s death so that you can use relevant information for drawing your comparisons. Irrelevant work will not be accepted


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The experiences of Lucretia in the Roman mythology have long been viewed as the emblem of female experience in the Roman society. The Roman empire at her time had significantly expanded and there was much attention to nobility and the experiences of the noble people in the society portrayed…

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