Concert Report Information

Concert Report Information

Details: You are required to type 2 well-written concert reports, 375 words each (1 full page and 1/2, double spaced). You will only receive full credit if your report is long enough, has correct information, and follows the guidelines listed in this document.
Choose one or more instrumental pieces/songs from a live concert or from one or more instrumental pieces/songs that we study from your eBook. In your report, use terminology from Elements of Music (Chapter 1 from your eBook) to describe what you hear/see.
What to include in each report:
Top of Page:
Your Name/Your Major/Your Year at UCA (i.e. Freshman/Sophomore)/CRN #/Number of words in your report
Body of Concert Report:
Title of a composition/compositions
What instruments/voices are performing (piano/vocal solo/choral/orchestra, etc.)
What specific type of piece you are hearing? Information can be found in a program if you choose to attend a live performance or in your eBook under Listening Outline if you choose to report on something that we study in class.
WHERE TO FIND MUSIC: Google UCA Music Department Calendar of Events to find live concerts. (Click on Event to find the location.)
Live Concerts – In Snow Fine Arts Recital Hall (NOT a part of the building renovation) or Windgate Center for Fine and Performing Arts
Student/Faculty/Guest concerts:
YouTube – Go to UCA Department of Music, choose a video, click on Program to view the program that goes along with the video so you can see titles of pieces/composers/performers.
Kamien Textbook/eBook
Choose music that we have learned about and listened to in class. You may use the Listening Outlines as a great source for terminology to write your Concert Report.

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