Country Report Review

Country Report Review

Country Report Review. On MS-Word menu bar, click Home – Times New Roman – 12 font; Layout – Margins – Narrow and adjust Indent zero for all (Left, Right, Before, and After); and Paragraph – Alignment Left – Line Spacing zero.

Answer these following questions:

1- what is unique about the country compared to other European countries? Why?

2- what is the most interesting issue of the country, that you would discuss in class? Why?

the paper is one page it could be one big paragraph, make sure the margin is narrow and it is single spaced.

The country is United Kingdom as illustrated in the reading.

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The United Kingdom is one of the most successful countries in Europe. It does not only offer an ideal example of economic policies but is also a good example of what good governance should be. For instance, observing that his opinion on the Brexit vote would influence his ability to lead

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