Critical resources you plan to use in your final Portfolio Project

Critical resources you plan to use in your final Portfolio Project

In completing that research, you read the ideas of others—critics or people who have used various tools or lenses to talk about literature.

For the final Portfolio Project, you are asked to locate critics on Achebe’s novel and to incorporate those critical voices in your final paper.

1. For this week’s discussion, share the critical resources you plan to use in your final Portfolio Project.

2. What are the key concepts of these critics (maybe looking at race, religion, class, or gender)? Did you decide to omit any critics? If so, why?

3.Please be sure to choose a unique topic for your discussion response.

4. You are encouraged to explore ideas not already referenced by classmates.

As you respond to your peers, be sure to share your own reflections on their ideas and to offer any suggestions that you’ve learned along the way.

Rubic Requirement for summary:

Content: Demonstrates excellent knowledge of concepts, skills, and theories relevant to topic.

Support:Statements are well supported; posts extend discussion.

Writing Quality: Writing is well organized, clear, concise, and focused; no errors.




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The Critical Voices in Chinua Achebe’s Things Fall Apart
Chinua Achebe is one of the most proficient writers of his time. His book Things Fall Apart is one of the most widely read books in literature having been published in more than thirty languages. Various lenses that include feminism, post colonialism, religion, fear, sin, and communication among others can be used to view Chinua Achebe’s literature.

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