Critical Thinking

Critical Thinking

1. Select a health care entity to focus on, this could be a clinic or hospital of your choosing. Review the matrix called Total Quality Tools: What They Are Used For. Select 6 of the 10 tools and determine how the tool could be used in the health care entity of your choice. First determine the purpose of each chart, then describe how you would use the chart.

2. Describe how you would collect the data for the tools you have selected.

3. How often would the data be monitored? What actions would be taken with the data?

4. As CEO of the health care entity, how would you make improvements based on the outcomes of the data?

(Word count must be at least 1200 words)

The Tool to Use Chart is uploaded

Solution Preview

Hospitals and clinics that are competent in quality healthcare service delivery often have tools as well as strategies set to ensure there is a success in quality healthcare service delivery. The available tools…

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