Cultural competence

 Cultural competence


Create a two to three-page training handout that explains the key concepts of cultural competence in terms that anyone can understand and relates these concepts to the SoHW mission. Your handout should do the following:

  • Explain cultural competence.
  • Identify at least three ways that culture impacts communication between people.
  • Identify at least three verbal or nonverbal cues to pay attention to during communication with people from other cultures and explain how to best respond to these unfamiliar cultural cues.
  • Describe and analyze at least three situations in which culture plays an important role in people’s relations. (The situations can be hypothetical or drawn from personal experience.)
  • Explain why developing and maintaining cross-cultural relations is a useful skill.
  • Use the following terms in context:
    • Beliefs
    • Biases
    • Culture
    • Cultural competence
    • Cultural relativism
    • Cultural universals
    • Ethnocentrism
    • Globalization
    • Norms
    • Society
    • Values

Consult the Project resources for tips on designing effective handouts. The handout will be most useful to employees if it is easy to read and follows a logical format. It may include graphics or other elements that you feel would appeal to your audience. Be sure to cite your sources and include a reference list on the last page of your handout.

Please use the project resources that have been attached

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Over time, businesses have had to evolve and encourage diversity within the various environments. Cultural competence includes the efforts made by different establishments to encourage cultural relativism in the activities by their diverse groups of employees. Ultimately, this reduces the levels of …

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