Culture and Communication Memo

Culture and Communication Memo

You work in the human resources department of a company that does business in 25 different countries. You have learned that communication culture in your workplace has a significant impact on your employees’ experience, motivation, engagement, and overall business success. Your manager has asked you to write a memo on why and how to build a great communication culture at your company.

Write a 700- to 1,050-word memo that covers at least 2, but not more than 4, of the communication topics in 2 different cultures of your choice. Complete the following in your memo:

Identify 2 cultures you selected.
Identify 2 to 4 communication topics to discuss in your memo:
Language and verbal communication
Nonverbal communication
Family communication
Workplace communication
The expression of emotions
Friendship communication
Romantic relationships, including dating, nonmarital commitments, and marriage
Discuss how the 2 cultures are similar and different in your selected communication topic areas.
Discuss additional common communication practices in each culture.
Discuss how the communications practices in each culture are similar and how they are different.
Discuss how culture influences the way we communicate and form relationships with others.
List ways employees can improve their ability to communicate competently in cross-cultural interactions

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