Cyber Abuse & Child Victims

Cyber Abuse & Child Victims

For this weeks activity, you will need to draft a formal version of your personal original group proposal and draft your assigned groups proposal. Each person will need to complete this, however, the second half of this assignment you will need to create as a group and then copy it into your individual assignment.  Personal Proposal (one paragraph): For this portion of the assignment please re-write
your originally suggested idea for a group. This is the topic/ idea that you submitted in the group meeting on Wednesday 9/27. Give a brief explanation of why this topic was first in your mind. 

Topic: Cyber Abuse & Child Victims
Group Proposal: For this portion of the assignment please re-write/ copy your assigned groups decided topic/ idea. You will then write out a draft of a proposal, following the guide/ outline given in the text. Your proposal should include 1) the title of the group,
2) the primary goal or objective(s) of the group (Please write these in bullet form), and
3) group format (who the group serves, and how it would be conducted). 
Please also include an introduction statement and a conclusion statement. 

Other than the objective(s), this should be written in traditional paper formatting, APA
7th edition, with headings.

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