Deadly Force Choices and Discretion and Mental Illness

Deadly Force Choices and Discretion and Mental Illness

Two part assignment – A) Deadly Force choices, and B) Discretion and Mental Illness

Part A) Deadly Force Choices (three paragraph assignment)

1. Watch the Shoot/Don’t Shoot video at this link:

2. Take both sides of the issue – pro and con – where “pro” argues that the police should be under more regulation on their use of deadly force and that there should be less use of lethal force by police, and “con” is that there should be less regulation / restriction of police use of lethal force.

3. Find one article for each side of the issue (for a total of 2 articles) and summarize the position and arguments of the articles in paragraph each.

4. In a third paragraph, take and assert YOUR position pro or con.

Part B) Discretion and Mental Illness (three paragraph assignment)

Police are the first line of defense for society in dealing with countless issues – including mental illness.

Find one scholarly article (use either the library website or (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.) on the issues of police encounters with mental illness. Read the article and analyze how police discretion played a role in the recurring issue of police and their response to mentally ill people.

Your submission should be a minimum of six paragraphs (three for each of the two parts) with a cover page, your text, and references – all of which will be in APA format. I expect your full submission, broken into Part A and Part B will be between five and seven pages (including cover and references pages).

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