Diagnostic essay

Diagnostic essay

Diagnostic Question

Use MLA formatting to complete this assignment.

Please write a 3 to 5 paragraph essay answering the following question:

What does it mean to be educated?

Please include a strong thesis statement as well as relevant and specific examples / details to support the thesis statement. In addition, the last paragraph of your essay, the conclusion, should tie all of your ideas together, as well as restate the main idea of the thesis statement.

hivi ndo aliambiwa

re do your essay. This essay was to be a reflection of your own thoughts. Please review the turnitin.com results. Too much of your paper is paraphrased from other sources. This is not acceptable. Please re do the paper. Furthermore, you were not instructed to use outside sources for this assignment. Please contact me directly if you have any further questions.




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Being educated means to have the wonder and curiosity that distinguishes men from other animals, sensitive and intelligent people from morons. It sounds mean, but it is true, and it is my opinion. In our society, education as we know it is related to the act of other people guiding, bringing up or training others.

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