Digital Selling Discussion

Digital Selling Discussion

Digital selling is the use of online, mobile and social media to engage customers, build stronger customer relationships, and augment sales performance. Have you ever wondered why certain websites appear on Google when you search keywords? If person A and B both search for “Blue Car” different result would appear based on their location, previous searches, and more. SEO is an important technique for brands because it helps them appear on top of the Google search pages.

Take a look at this short video before jumping into this week’s business scenario.

Simulated Business Scenario:

Samantha was recently hired as a sales team leader for Google Analytics. Sanjay, the Regional Vice President, has tasked Samantha with reaching a target sales quota in the current quarter. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, a small mom and pop clothing store that has little/no online presence has come to Samantha and her team for help and advice to grow its customer base.


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