discussion board on US history

discussion board on US history

The Last West and the New South

Key Questions for this week:

1/ Why do you think the South failed to significantly change in the late 19th century? What factors held back its development and progress?

2/ The American West has often been considered as a place of social, economic, and political opportunity and equality. Does the “Last West” of the late 19th century fit this description?

Part One – Please submit a thoughtful response to at least ONE of the questions listed above. Each response should be at least one substantial paragraph which includes specific details and historical evidence. Please be sure to use your own words – don’t just copy material from the textbook or some other source.

Part Two – In a SEPARATE post please indicate FIRST what interested you the most about this week’s topic and SECOND a question for other students to answer about something that confused you or something you want to know more about.

Part Three In a SEPARATE postind find a story about current events in the United States (something that’s happening in the U.S. today) that you think relates to the history we’re discussing this week. Do a posting on this week’s discussion forum which provides a link to the story, and at least one paragraph in which you show the connection between this current event and this week’s discussion. Please, no duplicate news items! If someone has already posted on a current issue, don’t post it again (even if it’s from a different source

is three different post in one


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American South in the 19th Century

Part One

The south experienced minimal changes in the late nineteenth century since the conditions present reflected the old south where slavery was the primary driver of the economy. Although there were white farmers with large tracts of land, they primarily used the land for subsistence farming, which reduced the economic benefit from the land. On the other hand, industries present in the south, that largely dealt in cotton processing made minimal difference to the living standards of the population, since they offered minimal wages to the workers.

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