Drug addiction

Drug addiction

please answer each questions individually using one reference.

1. There have been many legislative attempts at controlling the use of illicit drugs (whether prescription-type or otherwise). Why, or why not, have these attempts been effective? In your response, consider the root causes of illicit drug use.

2. Identify a national societal drug or alcohol issue. What are some of the social problems you have observed due to substance use related issues? How does this issues impact society and what problems are manifesting as a result. What programs or resources are available?

3.What is meant by the neurochemistry of a drug? Identify one neurotransmitter and describe its physiological function in the human brain.

Provide an example to support your description.psy

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Some of the legislative attempts of controlling the use of illicit drugs have or have not been effective, for example, the reduction in the supply of certain drugs like marijuana. Since the government does this and also terminate the crops to be planted and therefore they cease to exist…

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