Economic development case study

Economic development case study

Write an original case study on local economic development or the impact of globalization on U.S. economy and discuss the role government played in the case .You may identify such a case as reported in newspapers, such as The Washington PostLos Angeles TimesThe Press-Enterprise, and The San Bernardino Sun, or from other media of your choice (e.g., CNN, YouTube, BBC, etc.). YOU MUST PROVIDE LINKS FOR THE ARTICLES YOU USE..

Your case should be approximately 500~1000 word long. Insert pictures or videos to enhance your presentation as this is part of the grading rubric. In you case, you must provide a brief description of the following: describe the case, identify the role government played, and analyze the economic impact to the community.


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Economic Development Case Study

Globalization is a continuous procedure by which local cultures, societies, and economies have progressed towards becoming integrated through an international-spanning system of trade and communication. The globalization process incorporates various components like the fast technological developments that make worldwide communications conceivable, transportation advancements that guarantee often and faster travels around the globe, and political progression, for example, the fall of socialism. These generate greater expansion opportunities for companies with the opening up of more markets, allow superior synchronization of the client because of the expansion in respective cultural values, and offer an unrivaled competitive position with low operating expenses in other nations and availability of investment opportunities, resources, and raw materials.

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