Effects of Diabetes

Effects of Diabetes

everything needed is provided I don’t have time to finish everything I need to graduate so i’m focusing on my tougher classes. she’s not too strict with the essay but please provide a good presentation.

Final Project Assignment Sheet-Choose Dates-

7-10 minutes presentations-all options

Health Psychology Options: You will present one of the options that you choose in a 7-10 minute presentation with visuals and paper, academic support and transcription if choosing the option.

Option 2- APA Research Paper/Oral Presentation– (see APA paper examples) (topic needs to be approved by professor) You will write a 5-7 page APA research paper and present your research in a powerpoint/prezi with visuals example a video clip that demonstrates your psychological and health related topic that you researched. An example of a Research Topic could be the Psychological Effects of Eczema, Heart Disease, /Diabetes, it could be a topic from the textbook or on your own. Explain the symptoms, treatments. You will be evaluated on your research paper, presentation, academic support and visuals used. Grammar, Sentence Structure, Punctuation, and APA format will also be evaluated.

Presentation and APA essay

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Diabetes is a chronic ailment that is caused by high glucose levels in the blood of an individual. Normally, when one consumes food, it is converted into glucose to provide energy for the human body. However, when the sugar or glucose level increases beyond the normal level, insulin is…

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