Entrepreneurial Business Plan – Final (and Change Matrix)

Entrepreneurial Business Plan – Final (and Change Matrix)

Entrepreneurial Business Plan FINAL:

The purpose of this assignment is to finalize the Entrepreneurial Business Plan (Parts A-F). To do this, students will review the Entrepreneurial Business Plan that they have been working on for the past six-weeks and confirming they have addressed each of the remaining recommendations, suggestions, and/or corrections from their professor from Wk. 6. Additionally, students should review to ensure their faith and moral principles are present throughout the paper. (CLO’s 1-8)

This is the Critical Assignment for this course and must be passed as an acceptable rate in order to pass the course.

General Guidelines:
1. Your paper should meet all APA (6th Ed.) writing standards.
2. The Change Matrix must be placed immediately following the Title Page.
3. Beginning in Wk. 2 – Instructor’s feedback, recommendations, and corrections must be addressed and detailed on the change matrix page.
4. Include a faith integration component – The faith integration component should be present throughout your business plan (e.g., not just a paragraph or mention of faith at the end of each section). In other words, how does your faith or world view influence your firm?

Specific to this week’s component:
1. Review and make final edits to your Entrepreneurial Business Plan
2. Confirm the paper meets all APA writing guidelines
3. Confirm the Table of Contents is working and up-to-date.
4. Confirm your faith integration is present throughout the paper (e.g., it is not simply a one-paragraph discussion at the end of the paper)
5. Confirm each reference is properly listed, cited, and formatted.

This paper will be graded in conjunction with your final critical assignment.

Please go through the entire paper and all previous feedback to make any edits and changes that have been previously discussed.

Please also include faith integration.

The instructor’s feedback from last week:

“Your entrepreneurial plan is coming along nicely. As you begin to finalize your final paper, I encourage you to read through your entire plan to ensure you are getting the information across to your reader (the infamous potential investor). That is, be sure they can see (i.e., hear) your passion for the firm, you clearly state the advantages, potential investment return, placement within the industry, and the type of corporate structure you plan to use. Additionally, because they (the investor) will not read your plan from the beginning to end (in order) the Table of Contents must be working – that is if I click on a page number I am automatically redirected to that particular page. This will make it easier for the reader to find and focus on those points that he/she feels are critical.”

I have also attached the annotated PDF with the instructor’s feedback.

This is a “Critical Assignment”. I will tip 100% for an “A” grade.



Solution Preview

Entrepreneurial Business Plan
Assignment Title: Entrepreneurial Business Plan
Student: Amanda McCausland
Date: October 6, 2019
Instructor’s feedback (specific listing of the error) How the error was addressed by the student. Page numbers where change appears

Because this report will become part of your official school records, be sure to add the class number and name, date, and professor’s name. I corrected these errors and used the right style Pg. 1
Be sure to place the Change Matrix immediately following the Title Page. I attached the change matrix after the cover page p. 2
APA Errors: Delete the blank line before your header Deleted P. 2

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