Environmental Effect on Child Development

Environmental Effect on Child Development

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Working together in groups, whether for a class project or in the workforce, is a key skill to master. Students often dislike group work, and employers are reporting significant gaps in new college graduates’ ability to work with others in teams. See article: Well-Prepared in Their Own Eyes

I would like you to use past experiences, what you learned in about motivation in this module, and one peer-reviewed article about group work to design a group project about a health issue that would help offer an effective learning experience. Clearly explain how would you get group members with different levels of motivation to contribute equally to the project? Consider the following issues: leadership, work distribution, frequency of participation, deadlines, project charter, communication standards and netiquette, file sharing methods, etc.

  • In your replies, highlight a potential problem (in a supportive manner) that might arise and/or identify a way to improve the other students’ project designs

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Studies on the effectiveness of collaborative learning indicate that the experience of the participants within the group largely influences his or her attitude towards the learning process therein…

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