Environmental epigenetic, lifestyle and nutrition in cancer prevention

Environmental epigenetic, lifestyle and nutrition in cancer prevention

It’s a mini review of 2 articles inform of assay:

1-The topic is the role of Environmental epigenetic, lifestyle and nutrition in cancer prevention

2-The first one is general for all the information’s (environmental epigenetic, life style and cancer prevention)

3- the second is prostate cancer and epigenetic:the purpose of this article is to be used as an example to refer to the role of diet and epigenetic changes in prostate cancer.

4- I’ve highlighted some of the important topic to be covered in the assay

5- it’s 3 papers (1100- 1600 words), single space

6- please don’t forget to put the references and should be at least 10.

7- no copy from the original articles

8- the paper should be done within 2 – 3 days.

Assay writing guideline:

General definition of epigenetic and it’s rule in cancer
Mechanism aspects of epigenetic regulation with a brief definition of each aspect ( 4 aspects)
Influence of the environment on epigenetic marker (talk about each one but focus on nutrition)
i) Life style
ii) Nutrition and epigenetic (one carbon metabolism and here please in include the prostate example)
i) Synthetic and example of FDA approved drugs (it’s also highlighted in the begening) ii) Neutral bioactive component

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Solution Preview

Many have gone into depth about the environmental epigenetic and how it is a huge determinant of the health of the general public in addition to the prevention of cancer. Epigenetics is defined as a key which will enable the transformation of the phenotype of the genetic information. The change is reversible, and it will be therapeutic for the patients. According to the most of the scholars, the beginning of the 21st century led to the release of the sequence of the human genome that had been completed and was said to contain the genetic information. DNA is said to have been recognised years after the “epigenetic landscape” which was a term created by CH Waddington back in 1939.

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