Criminal justice: Current Event Post (CEP)

Current Event Post (CEP) – Week 4 – main post 

 MAIN DETAILS: Current Event Post (CEP) – Week 4 Look through the local/national/intemational news ancVor scx:ial media outlets. Find a “current event” (2021) that coincides with family violence in some aspect. You will need to summarize this eventfstoty and relate it back to this course. For your initial post, you will need to provide a summary ofa (real life) curtent event/gtory (2021). You will need to relate it back to the course using critical thinking. To receive full credit, you must descritr thc event]story and make it known to myself and your classmates uhy this event/stoty is important and how it relates to this course. Each current event post must a minimum of 150 words and include reference at the bottom of the post (no in-text citing is required for this You must also include the word count at the end of the post

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