Evaluating Zinczenko’s Essay

Evaluating Zinczenko’s Essay

#1. Imagine that you are writing a 4-5pp paper that argues, against Zinczenko, that people ignore nutrition labels and eat high-calorie fast-food meals despite knowing that they are unhealthy. Then do the following:

First, produce a one-paragraph summary of Zinczenko’s essay that (1) accurately represents his claims and (2) that emphasizes the specific part of his argument you would address in writing this hypothetical paper.

In your summary, use one or two quotes from the essay that offer textual evidence of the claims that you summarize. Be sure to frame your quotes properly with leading sentences and follow-up explanatory sentences.

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According to the article, kids are suing McDonald’s for making the overweight. However, some people are likely to be against these litigations because they have the responsibility to ensure that…

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