Evaluation of Research Design Components

Evaluation of Research Design Components

When engaging in research or data analyses, the ability to spot ethical pitfalls is key. Understanding research design and methods allows the individual to spot faulty reasoning and to point out conclusions that could be unethical or dangerous. This is an applicable skill set for many different career paths. In this 3-part questionnaire, you will be assessed on your understanding of the various components of research design and the scientific method.

Select 2 research articles from peer-reviewed psychology journals in the University Library. Refer to Table 2.2, “A List of Psychological Journals by Type of Article Published,” located on p. 71 in Ch. 2 of The Process of Research and Statistical Analysis in Psychology, to help you with your search. This list includes both general psychology journals and journals that specialize in a particular area of psychology.

Apply the scientific method to evaluate the evidence presented in the articles you selected. Use these articles as a framework for completing the following 3-part questionnaire.

Part 1 (use our textbook to support your ideas here)

Write a 75- to 125-word answer to each of the following questions:

What is the purpose of each of the sections in a typical research article?
What are the steps to critically evaluate research articles, and how does the scientific method (ensure you define this term too) help you do this?

Part 2 (use textbook and your two articles to support your ideas here)

Write a 75- to 125-word answer to each of the following questions:

What is the importance of research in behavioral sciences? (Use textbook to help support your ideas here)
What is the relationship between applied research and basic research? Briefly summarize your two articles – one should be an example of basic research, the other an example of applied research. Explain how each article has contributed to the body of knowledge in each area, i.e., in applied research and basic research.
What ethical issues can you identify in the selected articles? How were the issues addressed or neglected? (Do not select articles that have “no issues” – think about research ethics and discuss these).

Part 3 (review UOPx library for actual resources and database names)

Write a 75- to 125-word answer to each of the following questions:

Identify 3 research topics that you might want to explore further as you go through this course.
List appropriate sources, including databases, that you might use when exploring these topics.

Include a title and reference page and format your citations and references according to APA 7th edition guidelines. Follow APA spacing guidelines (double space your assignment).

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