Does the film feature people who were born with disabilities?

Does the film feature people who were born with disabilities?

Assignment #5:
Film Analysis: Murderball

20 points
A culture plunge can be defined as exposure to a culture that is different from our own and, in this class specifically, the culture of disability. For this modified disability culture plunge, you will experience the culture of wheelchair rugby through the film, Murderball, which can be found on Blackboard.
The expectation is for you to take the ideas we have presented in class and lecture recordings and, at the end of the semester, reflect on how those concepts apply to the people in this film and their diverse perspectives, by responding to the prompts/questions below.

Required Format
● Microsoft Word format ONLY
● 3 pages of question/answer text
● Responses must be in essay/paragraph format underneath respective points/questions
● 1” margins
● 12-point font
● Double-spaced

Required Reflection Content
Answer each question/prompt in 1-2 paragraphs while applying content that was covered in the course. Indicate A, B, C, D, E, F, G, and H for each response. Include the question/prompt and the answer to each question/prompt.

a. Does the film feature people who were born with disabilities? Or people who have acquired disabilities? And what impact might that have in the perspectives of the people featured in the film? 2.5 points

b. What were the initial assumptions, biases, and/or stigmas you had before watching this film? How did this film challenge or change your thinking? 2.5 points

c. Explain how the content and perspectives in this film relate to the social model and medical model of disability. 2.5 points

d. Name at least 2 of the following concepts learned in this course that are applicable to Murderball, and explain how they apply. 2.5 points
● Access
● Accommodations
● Agency
● Assistive Technology
● Disability rights
● Employment
● Inclusion
● Inspiration porn
● Respectful language related to disability

e. In the film, what might be perceived as inconsistent with the Disability Studies content taught in class and/or perceived as problematic by the disability community in general?
How might the film support Disability Studies perspectives taught in Gen S420?
2.5 points

f. Explore dignity and ableism perpetuated within the film. Give examples of comments made by the subjects of the film that either perpetuate dignity, or that are indications of ableist attitudes (even if the commentator experiences disability). 2.5 points

g. Given all that you have learned in this course, write a brief film summary, as if you were reviewing Murderball for a Disability Studies journal or magazine. How would you rate it in terms of alignment with Disability Studies values (social model, ableism, access, etc.). Would you recommend it or not? Why or why not? For what audience(s)?
2.5 points

Course Reflection

h. What impact has this course had in your life, if any? Given what you have learned in Gen S420 in general, how might you see yourself including, and contributing to the lives of people with disabilities now and in the future? And how might you foresee people with disabilities contributing to your life now and in the future? 2.5 points


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Does the film feature people who were born with disabilities


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