You are required to write a final research paper on a Vietnamese or Vietnamese American media text – film

Vietnamese Film and Cinema Essay

You are required to write a final research paper on a Vietnamese or Vietnamese American media text – film, literature, music, television, or web content – of your choice (pending approval from the instructor). Address that media’s historical context as well as its artistic or ideological characteristics. The paper must include at least four academic sources (not including in-class readings).

***The media chosen will be a Vietnamese film called, “The Buffalo Boy (2004)” available on amazon prime, please watch the movie and provide an argument based on generational differences. This generational difference could be cultural values, economical values, etc. and maybe political views if any.***

***In addition to the 6-page essay, please also provide an outline answering these questions and put them at the end of your paper.***

• Introduce your topic and relevant concepts.

• Provide an overview of your thesis/what you intend to argue in the paper. Do not simply talk about your chosen text without explaining what you intend to say about it. Please be as detailed as possible.

• You can also relate how these differences can be applied to real-life now. Only one paragraph talking about this!


This paper must be thesis-driven. In other words, the expectation is that the paper will have a proper introduction and conclusion, and will be organized as an argumentative paper.


Your responses may draw from course readings, but in addition, you are required to conduct some outside research, incorporating a minimum of4 sources not covered in class. Any outside materials you consult for the paper must be academic in nature. You may not draw upon user-generated content, such as Wikipedia.

DOs & DON’Ts:


The objective is not to discuss whether you like a text (film, short story, etc.), although you are encouraged to consider whether you believe it is effective in achieving its goals, whatever you think those are. You must refer to specific elements from your chosen text to support your observations – HOWEVER, you must avoid excessive plot summary that is not immediately pertinent to your argument/s.


All readings referenced in the paper (both course content and any outside knowledge) MUST be cited in a bibliography using a standard MLA, APA, or Chicago style. Any material that is not cited properly and flagged by TurnItIn will be treated as a potential case of plagiarism.

Bear in mind that TurnItIn compiles an archive of past student papers and will flag any materials repeated from other classes. While you may explore past ideas that interest you, all written content for this paper must be original and you may not recycle your papers from previous classes. Proofreading: Papers must be proofread carefully; persistent spelling or grammatical errors and sloppiness will result in deductions in your grade.

This is a loose rubric that will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

A-range papers may contain:

• Serious engagement with the text, supported by detailed observations and analysis; consideration of dominant themes and wider historical/cultural contexts in the service of a coherent and persuasive thesis

• An essay structure that supports the thesis smoothly and successfully • Persuasive and articulate opinions about the content covered in class discussions • A good use of outside research materials, which are integrated smartly into the paper and its arguments

• Careful attention to proofreading

B-range papers may contain:

• Comments that focus mainly on the text, with limited engagement with course themes

• Too much reliance on plot summary

• Only a vague thesis, or limited success in organizing the essay to support a clear and coherent thesis

• Superficial and/or arbitrary/obligatory connections between text and research; quotes that feel “dropped in” rather than integrated into the paper

• Moderate-to-heavy proofreading errors

C-range papers may contain:

• Comments that focus overwhelmingly on the text, with very little engagement with course themes

• An excessive reliance on plot summary; conversely, a lack of details, indicating limited knowledge of the text

• A very weak or non-existent thesis; poor organization, with ineffective transitions between paragraphs

• Arbitrary quotations or references to research “dropped” into the essay with no effort to integrate them into the essay’s argument

• An obvious lack of proofreading, overall sloppiness, and/or manipulation of margins

D-range papers may contain:

• An insufficient or ineffective effort on all requirements

• Superficial observations about the text and no substantive engagement with course themes

Obligatory comments about the film’s history with no serious attempt to view the film within larger frameworks for a real discussion

• An unacceptable level of sloppiness and lack of proofreading, manipulated margins, and/or failure to meet the word count

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You are required to write a final research paper on a Vietnamese or Vietnamese American media text – film


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