Financial Planning

Financial Planning

You are a newly hired upper manager of a human services organization. You have discovered that the organization has been operating without any budget and financial planning is nonexistent. You need to convince the leadership of the need for a clear financial plan and budget. Prepare a memo that makes a case for a financial planning process. In your memo, include the necessary elements of a financial plan. Discuss how the budget should be developed and what should be included in the budget. Discuss how the budget should be monitored and who should be involved in this process.

Your two-to-three-page memo must support your claims by utilizing at least two references beyond the textbook and be formatted according to the CSU-Global Guide to Writing and APA Requirements

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Subject: Financial Planning
A recent review of the organizational activities and planning process determined that the firm has been operating for a long time without a clear financial plan. Although the firm may still have experienced significant success without a clear plan, it is imperative that the company develops a plan for application in the future.

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