How do you operationalize success?


I’m working on a dissertation and am stuck on a topic. I need a Ph.D. topic ASAP.

I think more of a correlations study that focuses on the success of students that graduate from HBCU. Mainly focused on those that come from low poverty areas.

My instructor feedback was” What are you thinking about for variables? What will you correlate?“

please send me a well-thought-out topic that exemplifies something on a Ph.D. level. The topic has to be something that hadn’t been proven already and lots of literature on.

My instructor said when thinking of a topic think of a brick wall. We all know how it was built, but there is something about the wall we don’t know and that is what we need to

The instructor is very matriculated. She will scrutinize it well.
Her suggestions

Be sure to use the literature so that you can demonstrate a gap.

1. What challenges? Academic, social, inclusion, etc.?

2. How do you operationalize success? Grades, graduation, entrance, employment, satisfaction, etc.?

3. Which African Americans? Men, women, adults, traditional-aged college students, in a certain field, in a certain geographical area, from a certain background, etc.?

4. Which higher education institutions? Public universities, private schools, community colleges, Ivy League schools, etc.?

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How do you operationalize success


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