Global Health Assessment Proposal

Global Health Assessment Proposal

 The Global Health Assessment Project incorporates four weekly milestone assignments. These assignments will provide the supporting information for your final project. Each milestone will be graded individually. Detailed feedback will be provided.

You are expected to incorporate this feedback into your final paper. The milestone assignments should include a title page and a reference page. The format for the body of the assignment will be described each week. The assignments will be graded on content, organization, presentation, writing mechanics, and correct APA formatting.

Assignment Title: Milestone 1: Project Proposal Assignment Overview

For Milestone 1, you will submit a 2- 3 page written proposal outlining your Global Health Assessment Project. Include a title and a reference page.

Assignment Details:

For this assignment, use the brainstorming ideas and peer suggestions from this week’s discussion, along with your readings, to formulate a plan. There are three parts to this assignment. In your paper, provide a brief introduction and clearly address each section below.

Population: Describe the age group/population that you will focus on. Talk about what interests you about this group. Describe three things from either Chapter 18 or 19 that stand out to you about your selected population.

Chapters 18 or 19: Both are recommended. You must choose an age group for your Global Health Assessment Project, so you will want to focus on the corresponding chapter.
Chapter 18: Promoting neonatal, infant, child, and adolescent health
Chapter 19: Promoting healthy adulthood and agin

Country: Identify the country and diseases/conditions that you propose to research. Choose one communicable disease and one noncommunicable What interests you about these? The country must be one of the Least Developed Countries (LCD’s) found on the United Nations website.

Sustainable Development Goals: Which of the United Nations (U.N.) Sustainable Development Goals (choose 2-3) are you most interested in exploring and why?

Note: At this point in your Global Health Assessment Project development, the only thing that should be considered final is the country you will research. You may decide to change the other components as you gather information about your country. The purpose of this initial proposal is for you to explore your interests and find direction. It also gives me an opportunity to provide feedback.

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