Global Healthcare Dimensions in nursing

Global Healthcare Dimensions in nursing

For the Milestone 3 Assignment, you will research one communicable disease (Chapters 8-10 in the text) and one noncommunicable disease/health threat (Chapters 11, 13-16) that threatens the health of your chosen country.

Assignment Details:

This assignment allows the student to research specific threats to the health of specific country. Please present the information for each condition separately. There are three parts to this assignment. In a 3-4 page paper (not to exceed 5 pages including title and reference page), provide a brief introduction and clearly address each section. Be sure to include an introduction, discussion, conclusion, and additional narrative as needed for clarity. You may include images, charts, and tables after your reference page. Be sure to reference these in your discussion.

1) Communicable Disease: Research a communicable disease that presents significant threat in your country of interest. The following information must be included in your submission.

Name of the disease or condition
Ethnic or cultural beliefs and practices relative to the disease and/or treatment
Current efforts to treat/eradicate the disease including availability of nursing care
If there is not a significant nursing presence, who provides the care?
2) Noncommunicable Disease or Health Threat: Research a noncommunicable disease or condition (e.g. mental illness, injuries, cardiovascular disease, cancer etc.) that presents a significant threat in your country of interest.

3) Nursing and/or Multidisciplinary Interventions In a final paragraph, discuss what you consider the primary threats to wellness in this country amenable to nursing and/or multidisciplinary interventions.

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