Gun Control

Gun Control

Instructions for Term Paper


1. Font = Times New Roman

2. Font Size = 12

3. Page Length 3

4. Use the Headings Provided In These Instructions

5. Use the Resources Provided Here

6. Citations in MLA Format

7. Work Cites Page in MLA Format

8. DUE 4/4/18 at the Beginning of Class

Subject: What Is A Viable Possible Solution To Mass Shooting

Part 1: Explain Why a Total Ban on Private Firearm Ownership is Not A Viable Solution & Propose a Solution That is a Good Place To Start


1. The Second Amendment

2. 10 U.S. Code § 246 – Militia: composition and classes

3. D.C. v Heller (2008)

4. McDonald v Chicago (2010)

a. Via Selective Incorporation, incorporates the 2ndAmendment as enforceable against the states.

Part 2: Explain the Mass Shooting Phenomenon In the USA


1. Use the Internet to create a list of Recent Mass Shootings

Part 3: Explain the Current Trend for the Call to Ban the AR-15 Rifle


1. Explain The Reason behind the Call to Ban AR-15.

2. Use Various Articles In the Gun Control Folder on Canvas

Part 4: Define the term “Assault Weapon” as used in Federal & California State Law Determine Whether or Not Assault Weapons are Inherently More Dangerous than Non-Assault Weapons


1. The Assault Weapon Ban of 2018

2. California’s Assault Weapons Regulations “Title 11 Div. 5 Ch. 39 Assault Weapons & Large Capacity Magazines

please follow directions very carefully

also MLA format. name is Nicholas Kachi and professor is Robert Montano please include everything along with date and format 

Part 5: Propose A Solution and Explain Your Logic

Solution Preview

Gun control has been a subject of discussion, particularly in the recent past due to the increase in cases of mass shootings in the country. Consequently, there has been different calls by individuals within the country for a total ban on ownership…

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