Haiti Earthquake of 2010

Haiti Earthquake of 2010

Major earthquake and volcano eruptions have occurred long before there were humans on Earth. However, there have been many in recorded history that significantly impacted human civilization. Choose one significantly important earthquake or volcano and report on it. Be sure to cover how it affected the Earth, damages and death tolls, economic impact and any permanent consequences.

Along what type of plate boundary did this earthquake occur? Based on your knowledge of earthquakes, is this what you would have expected from that type of boundary? Be sure to explain your answer fully.

Upon completion of this assignment, you are required to provide the following deliverables to your instructor:

Your paper should meet the following requirements:

  • 3-4 pages in length (does not include title and reference page)
  • 1-2 outside sources

Formatted according to the CSU-Global Guide to Writing and APA Requirements

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The earth structure is made up of rocks, all at different stages of development, and whose structure is partially dependent on the pressure exerted on them. Consequently, the innermost rocks in the earth structure are molten and exist in the form of molten lava…
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