Write a 2 paragraph summary for each article.

Write a 2 paragraph summary for each article.

Annotated Bibliography
For this assignment, you will review current research and provide a critical evaluation on that research through an annotated bibliography. An annotated bibliography is simply a brief summary and analysis of the journal article reviewed. For more information on the required format of the bibliography please click on annotated bibliography template. The annotated bibliography will be used as part of the literature review for your final paper that is due in Week 5.

You will need to find articles located in scholarly journals. Scholarly journal articles are also referred as primary source peer reviewed articles. A scholarly journal article can be found in the South University Online Library. To find more information regarding utilizing the South University Library and accessing scholarly journal articles click on Library Guide. What cannot be used for this assignment are web pages, magazines, newspapers, text books, and other books. Finally, current research for our purposes is an article that was published within the last 5 years.

When looking for articles make sure they are related to the subject matter covered in the course. For your research choose 3 of the 7 topic areas. Find 3 articles (as described above) for each area.

Theoretical models associated with multicultural populations.
Present taxonomy used in the field of multiculturalism.
Varied communication patterns by group and geography.
Impact of migration on the ability of diverse groups to assimilate to cultural norms.
Historical and current trends that differentially impact the adjustment of groups.
Integral features of identity development according to group status.
Medical and mental health issues in multicultural populations.
The annotated bibliography should include for each article.

Write a 2 paragraph summary for each article.
Write a 1-2 paragraph analysis and evaluation for each article found.
Make sure to integrate what you learned in your course readings in that analysis
Used correct spelling, grammar, and professional vocabulary.
Used APA format including:
Title page
Double space
Reference page
Cited and referencing all sources using the APA format.

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Write a 2 paragraph summary for each article.


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