Health & Wellness Plan

Health & Wellness Plan

This assignment supports the following unit learning outcome:

Throughout this course, each week will have an assignment that builds towards a final public health project due in Unit 7. View the Health & Wellness Plan OverviewLinks to an external site. presentation to prepare for the project.

For this assignment, identify a public health threat, disease or illness, or prevention strategy that sparks interest. 

  • Identify and summarize topic of choice (minimum of 500 words) and why it was chosen.
  • Outline the basic plan to address the threat, disease or illness, or implementation of the prevention strategy.
    • This plan is the starting point – where will this project go and what is needed to get there.
    • More specific information will be developed in future unit assignments.
  • Identify a minimum of 5 sources (articles, videos, etc.) that will be used while developing the plan and summarize the relevance of each source in 2-4 sentences.
  • All content must be in APA format, and include a cover page and formatted reference page.

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