How does spirituality impact transformation?

How does spirituality impact transformation?

How does spirituality impact transformation?

Define spirituality. Define transformation. How do the two intersect? Or, do they intersect, at all? Connect the dots between these two terms using the philosophical, psychological, spiritual, and or biocultural perspectives we’ve learned in class.


  1. Clear thesis
  2. Succinct line of argumentation (2-3 evidence)
  3. Conclusion
  4. Ability to defend said argument (take on counters)

(ROUGH idea outline attached)

Added some possible topics to discuss (the only one necessary is IFS- Schwartz). Any other sources are ok!





Solution Preview

Spiritual Transformation


Spirituality is a concept with a broad room for diverse perspectives. Generally, spirituality involves a feeling of connection to a higher power accompanied by a lifetime search for a meaning to the aspects of life in a person. It is a basic connection of a person in whole to nature and their deeper selves. Spirituality thus is a common human experience that comprises of an attribute which affects all humanity regardless of their religious beliefs. Transformation on the other hand is a notable change in their nature, form as well as their appearances in life

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