HR Professionals

HR Professionals

Justin Mazioli 

HR professionals face many challenges but the most challenging can be “legal compliance, recruitment, and D&I efforts.” (Verhulst and DeCenzo, 2022) Legal compliance is ensuring that companies are following the law and that they are keeping their employees safe from hazardous conditions. A strategy to do this would be to always be aware of new laws that may be coming in the new year and draft memos for every one of the new changes. I remember when CT Sick started a few years ago. Memos were sent out a month, week, and day of when it started.

Recruitment means having dedicated individuals screening applications and ensuring the best candidates are being brought in for interviews, following up with hiring managers on a timely basis, and starting the onboarding process. Recruiting especially after the pandemic has become very difficult and finding the right candidates is harder now than before. A strategy to help with recruitment is knowing where to post job applications, and always being on the curve of technology, to make sure that everyone has a fair chance of applying. D&I efforts range from recruiting to ensuring that adequate training is given across the board to everyone in the organization. Yearly training may help with this and ensure that it is not just culture that is being addressed but ageism as well. I had employees of varying ages from 20-72 and that big age gap brought challenges. One of the main issues was the commitment to work. The older group saw it as a career but the younger group saw it as a job and not something they wanted to do for the rest of their careers.


Verhulst, S. L., and DeCenzo, D. A.(2022). Fundamentals of Human Resource Management (14th Edition). Wiley Global Education US

Lauren Nieman 

Unit 1

One challenge that human resource management may face in today’s workforce is budget allocation. HR must make sure that the company’s HR budget is allocated correctly in order to ensure company productivity and goal-reaching. However, HR must make sure to allocate some of this budget to other issues in the workplace.

One issue that HR may face is a disruption in the culture of the workplace. This could cause disputes among employees, and work case scenarios, if not handled properly, jeopardize the reputation of the company. HR must make sure to handle any disruptions in the workplace culture fairly. Maintaining a positive and productive workplace culture is important in order to ensure loyalty, motivation, and respect among employees. 

Another issue that must be solved by HR is employee relations. If there is a dispute or incident involving employees, this incident will be reported to human resource management. Then, HR must work to make a compromise between the two employees or take more severe measures if needed. This can be difficult, and may anger employees who do not end up getting their way. HR must be careful in order to not anger employees excessively in order to create a positive attitude towards working for the company. 

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