Human Sexuality

Human Sexuality

Where do you rank sexual health in terms of importance? Why is sexual health usually placed lower than physical or mental health? What are potential consequences of poor sexual health (emotional, physical, mental, etc)? Why do you think there is still an overwhelming amount of unsafe/unhealthy sex being had in the US?
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For this week’s work, I’d like you to spend time in a gendered (or sexualized) space (think: barbershop, pool hall, beauty or nail salon, bar, locker room, etc). Then write up the space. What did you notice? Why is it gendered? Is the space comfortable or uncomfortable for you (and why)? Does it feel welcoming? Is everyone practicing a “type” of gender performance?
Response 8
Do you think attractiveness is the most important part of coupling up? Do you think you can be intimate and share a life with someone who you don’t find attractive? If so, what draws you to a person then? In other words, what other factors are involved in desiring another person?
Response 9
Should any sex behavior be classified as a mental disorder? Why or why not? And if so, which types/ones? Who makes those decisions and are there any consequences to regulating sex behaviors?

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