In house vs commercial

In house vs commercial

The purpose of this assignment is to allow you to examine both an in-house software development and a commercially purchased software package.

Scenario: CSU has a sporting goods shop that sells sports equipment, as well as hiking and camping supplies. The CSU shop owner, Peter, wants to develop a customer-order entry system and has hired your IT consulting firm to advise him about software alternatives. Peter is leaning toward in-house development because he does not want to depend on a third- party vendor and supplier for technical support and upgrades. Peter does not want to sell on the Internet, but this could change in the future. Peter wants to meet you tomorrow to make a decision.

To determine what you tell Peter, begin by researching the advantages and disadvantages of in-house software development and a commercial software package.

In two pages, explain at least three advantages and three disadvantages for each of the alternatives: in-house software development and commercial software package. Then, explain which direction you recommend for Peter, either in-house software development or a commercial software package.

Include at least 2 references in your paper. Ensure that you follow APA style formatting and guidelines. Include a reference page (it does not count toward the final page count).

Remember to review the rubric before your submit your original paper.

Use this article below as one of your references…

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While deciding to incorporate information technology into daily practice, organizations often face diverse choices on the type of software they would prefer to use in their firm. Choosing the appropriate software could significantly…

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