Integrating Narrative Approaches with Early Recollections to Provide Career

Integrating Narrative Approaches with Early Recollections to Provide Career

The journal article summary should contain the following components as bold subheadings in APA format:

  1. Cover page, following the format outlined in the student handbook
  2. Introductory section
    1. Statement of the problem
    2. Explanation of grounding in the research literature, e.g.:
      1. Smith & Wesson (2012): summary
      2. Turner & Hooch (2004): summary
    3. Research hypotheses, questions, or objectives to be addressed
  3. Literature review
    1. Underlying and related studies, e.g.:
      1. Simon & Simon (1992): summary
      2. Brooks & Dunn (2006): summary
    2. Prior conclusions
  4. Research design and methods
    1. Population and sample
    2. Sample selection (type of sampling used)
    3. Instrumentation (how data is collected)
    4. Methodology (what was done)
  5. Study limitations
  6. Conclusions (describing the results and tying them back to the literature)
  7. Implications for practice

Please address the following – From your examination of this article, please answer the following questions:

 How did the researchers address multicultural concerns?

Why is this article important to school counselors?

How does it advance the school counseling profession?

Article citation in APA 6 format

Other than the article citation, each response should employ correct grammar and complete sentence structure.

The structure of the article review is as follows: Introduction of what the article is discussing, Literature Review, Research Design and Methods, Population and Sample, Instrumentation used, Study Limitations, and Conclusion. The conclusion can include the questions listed at the end of the description. 3-4 pages is fine,but it has to be in APA 6th edition format.


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